CV of Me

So what can you do?

Illustrator was my original title when I started my cat-themed cards and gifts company for 3 years (The Little Minky Co). I did a number of pet portraits too. A couple of drawings are up on my blog titled I can draw dogs. I have added a couple of bits to my Etsy shop (more coming soon) as I have lots of cards left for sale (for people who are mad about cats 🐱).


Home organising consultancy is something I’ve really been enjoying over the last few years. I help people sort out their home or office to create beautiful and functional spaces by teaching them to rethink storage and daily living. It’s very hands on, think: a cleaner, a coach and a friend all in one.

I have a simple site Sorted Spaces which will be dissolved into this site at some point but it gives you the idea of what I do.

Marketing is something I seem to dip in and out of regularly, mainly by helping small businesses and community organisations with branding, social media and copywriting. This links in with my work; organising fundraising events and designing posters/ campaigns for the events.

  1. Online Marketing Executive is a title I’ve had at for and I worked with them to help find their best way they communicate with their service users through social media and helped increase ROI.
  2. Teaching marketing on the Micro-Manufacturing course for Small Businesses at the Lonsdale Community Centre after learning a lot from research and running my own business.
  3. Charity work is something I’ve done a lot to keep myself busy and keep my design skills sharp. I have given my time by helping plan, host and design marketing materials for fundraising events for charities and community projects. I have been involved in:
  • Ren’s Rescue (hosting fundraising event)
  • Caring for Cats (hosting fundraising event)
  • ARKH (design work for Refugee week event) [images on blog]
  • The Beverley Puppet Festival (Co-ordinating the The Puppet Trail and creating the official Puppet Trail Map)
  • Meal for Mary (educational project) with Amnesty Hull (hosting fundraising event)
  • Avenues Fountain (hosting fundraising event)
  • Not Just Pets Rescue (hosting fundraising event)

Modelling for Artists is something I do regularly for the last 3 years.

I have been an artists model for life drawing classes and privately. I am have no tattoos or disernable markings so I’m a blank canvas if you want an average sized (uk 12), average hight (5″5″), white, cis female with purple hair and optional purple glasses. I am against fidgeting and very vocal about what I can and cannot do in terms holding poses so if you need a life model in the Hull area, I’m your gal. Here are some groups/ institutions I have worked for:

  • Hull Art Circle
  • PAD Studios
  • Hornsea life sessions (with Jorge Goyitzolo)
  • Life Drawing in Hull (also with Jorge Goyitzolo)
  • Hull College
  • Private sessions with artists.

Get in touch if your interested in working with me.

By artist Kerry Davis of Hull Art Circle

I also love to cook and host events at my vegan pop-up restauraunt: Secret Supper Club which crosses over with my charity work as I put on a lot of events as fundraisers.

You can see daily food posts on my instagram as well as random things I’m up to and microblogs about my day.

To summarise: It’s a pretty mixed bag but these are my skills. As someone with bipolar disorder, I’ve had to be able to adapt to work around my limitations so my working week looks different all the time but the important thing is that I never stop doing things. I’m incredibly open about everything which most people find too personal but it is my opinion that visibility is important (for work/society/relationships) and you should understand who you are working with and not just what they have achieved in the past.

I’m working on writing copy at the moment to keep my marketing muscles strong (hence my focus on blogging), until my next Sorted Spaces client work begins in October.

If you’d like to work with me in any capacity mentioned above please get in touch with me (via social media or on here).

Thanks for taking the time to read the CV of Me.