Secret Supper Club

What is a supper club and why is it secret? I wrote a little blog post about it here many years ago but being the terribly uncoordinated person that I am, never got around to blogging about it afterwards.

It was 2015 when I moved back to Hull. I was anxious that after 2 years away from the city I grew up in, I had grown apart from my old social circles, lost connections with people I once had things in common with and I had changed too.

I had gone vegan and like many others, I had struggled to make real (non internet) friends with the same lifestyle and was also too poor to go out to a lot of meet-ups. I decided to start my own supper club. I failed to keep this blog updated about it as I was (am?) quite inconsistent at posting on here. I did however set up a Facebook group (back when Facebook was THE thing to do, before the evil algorithms) and I’ve had a variety of patrons from there, over the years. From vegans and vegetarians to pesci’s and omni’s who just fancied a different kind of night out.

The variety of options for vegans in the Hull and East Riding area has improved greatly over the last 5 years. This is definitely not a “food desert” for our kind but still there are only 2 fully vegan places in the area. Both of which are in villages just outside of Hull: Blondes in Cottingham which serves the best junk food (!) around and V Word in Hessle (I hear good things) and -except for special occasions- are only open during the day. There is of course Hitchcocks Vegetarian Restauraunt which is an all you can eat buffet with fab cakes in the city centre but you need to let them know when booking that you are vegan and you’ll be guided around what you can and (grrrr…) can’t eat.

So I remain the only evening establishment that is always 100% vegan and in city of Hull, where you’re seated and served a 3 course meal (Humble brag much Evy? Jeez! *eyerolls at self*). Well, my mother is a great baker and my father has travelled the world and taken cooking courses in so many specialities that I kind of had an unfair advantage when it came to learning to cook as a kid. I have always found it relaxing to get in the ‘zone’ and just create meals for friends and family but I needed a way to host dinner parties where I wouldn’t be grossly out of pocket every single time. This has been hugely successful, most likely, because I never intended to make a profit from doing it. Some nights I make a few quid which goes back into replacing broken glassware and buying tablecloths, other nights I just about break even but long term it has helped me to keep the focus on the guests and the food by not being greedy. I have worked hard to veganize a great many classics and specialities (spicy tuna for sushi made from watermelon is a trick and a half). I may run a tiny pop-up from my dining room; just off the beautiful, tree-lined Avenues area, but I’ve created a communal dining experience in a space where guests can bring a bottle of wine (or whatever they fancy) and can meet other like-minded folks or just come and learn more about the huge variety of dishes us veg-enthusiasts like to cook and eat while making new friends – I certainly have learnt a lot about people and made lasting friendships in the process.

In the past 3 years (from 1st May 2015), I have hosted a range of events including a few special fundraisers for charities and local causes. I started off with a small table with 3 paying guests to birthday, Christmas and charity fundraising parties – feeding tables of 6-12 guests. I’ve enjoyed ‘Pinteresting up the place’ for special events such as Halloween with all out novelty snacks and decorations. It has evolved a lot since I started out but it’s always an inexpensive night with a great mix of people. Here are a few examples of the nights we’ve enjoyed:

  • Italian Lasagne NightScreenshot_20180830-163914.jpg
  • Thai Night
  • Vietnamese Night
  • Halloween on the Bayou Spooktacular
  • Caribbean Night (Fundraiser)
  • Raw Pizza Night (Guest Chef Special)
  • Deli Snacks Day (Fundraiser)
  • Mexican Taco Night (Fundraiser)
  • Middle Eastern Night (Fundraiser)
  • Indian Curry Night
  • Japanese Night (5 Course Special)
  • Lady & the Tramp (Valentines Special)
  • Chinese New YearHalloween treats
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Winter Warmer (Pie) Night
  • Halloween Gothic Spooktacular
  • Bengali Night
  • Butter Bean Lasagne Night
  • North African Tapas Night
  • Mexican Enchilada Night
  • Italian Risotto Night

If you’d like to know more about the dishes I create/ attend a Secret Supper Club night you can get in touch with me via the Secret Supper Club Facebook page /my Twitter  account/ Instagram or on here. supperclub guests

I am happy to take bookings for small groups or individuals. Everyone is welcome in our little club. I’d love to hear from you and see what you’d like to try that I’ve not already served yet.

And yes, I’ll be doing proper recipe posts soon.

I love a challenge and more than that I love eating so to conclude… food is good and great food with awesome people is the best! Right? …Right!