Sorted Spaces

Hi. I’m Evy and I am addicted to organising. It is a way to keep myself focused and feeling positive. What’s not to love?

After years of being a messy so-and-so and struggling to keep on top of household chores (despite doing a big spring clean every year), I discovered The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by world leading ‘organisational guru’ Marie Kondo.

I started working with others to achieve the same level of awesome happiness in their spaces as I have achieved in my own and uncovered what I really love doing: helping people and making things look beautiful.

And it turns put I can fold just about anything. Fitted sheets, no problem. Circular beach towels, easy peasy. Best of all I love to share my tips and tricks, learned over the years so that other people can become pros at storage, too.

Folding my shopping bags is surprisingly soothing. I was held up as an example on Instagram by Marie Kondo for this photo.

Transforming my own way of living, through careful consideration of the objects and spaces around me, I was able to disgard items I no longer enjoyed or needed and learned how to properly store and display the items that made me happy and brought me comfort. I have become more aware about what I buy and consume and how this will benefit the way I live. I now buy better and more ethically after throwing away cheap items of clothing and furnuture that were making me miserable  (as they were purchased out of boredom or pure unremarkable utility).

Now that I live in a calm environment, surrounded only by the things that I love (plants, purple and shiny things), my home and work life have dramatically improved. It takes me less time to get ready in a morning (or before a night out), I waste no time looking for lost items and keeping my house clean is a simple and joyful task. Except for doing the dishes, I have a fiance for that!


My first review from my first client.

Transformational and Inspiring…
There were two elements, for me, in the process of decluttering my space.
Firstly, the Kon-Mari method. I’d read the first book and, although I found the philosophy fascinating, I was deeply sceptical about its application to my own, particular, brand of chaos/squalor.
Which brings me – very neatly – to the second, element: Evy!

Evy…You’re the “magic bullet”. Without your help, support, and inspiration, I’d never have completed the process.
I can’t stress strongly enough how important it was to have a professional guide me on this journey.

Why shouldn’t getting dressed be as exciting as shopping in a beautiful store?

It’s almost as though I’d become “clutter-blind” – and truly overwhelmed by the scope of the task before me. But, with your blend of empathy, enthusiasm and, shall we say, “persuasion”, I found myself making massive changes. In my home, certainly but, even more importantly, in my attitude. Towards my “stuff” – both external and internal. And the changes have stayed with me: pots are washed (and put away), and my drawers are a thing of beauty! Not that I’m perfect yet, but then, this IS a journey.

Things don’t have to match to work together harmoniously.

In short, I’d recommend you, and the services you provide, to anyone seeking to transform – and bring joy to – both their living space AND their lives.”

-Jill Fisher.

A second review.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 16.06.21

And a third.

This was for a promotional video for and so we only did one room.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 16.07.03

Michelle Dee actually wrote about the whole experience on her blog here.

Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 16.33.33.png
Click the photo to read more about Michelle’s experience.

The decluttering video to promote (a fantastic decluttering tool to help your unwanted items find homes with the most impact). Rough video but useful I hope.


At Present: I did a taster week at the beginning of September ,with a new client who is gearing up for a full home overhaul, in October, which I am so excited to be a part of.

If you think you could benefit from having a Home Organising Consultant please get in touch via social media (Instagram/ Twitter/ FB).